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Awardee's Stories

Meet Our 2022 Scholarship Recipients

Kayla Leveille-Lindor

Kayla Leveille-Lindor is one of the two Anthony & Marcia Baker scholarship winners for 2022, she will be attending Florida State University in the fall, and had this to say about being awarded this scholarship.:


"Being a 2022 Anthony & Marcia Baker Scholarship recipient means that someone believes in my determination to fulfill my future academic and career goals. The simple act of belief is enough to fuel someone's drive to make a change, and I believe this scholarship adds to my fuel. This financial contribution will help offset the cost of what my family and I cannot afford, ranging from meal plans to dorm expenses."

Emily Moro

"Wow what an honor it is to be receiving  this award on behalf of Anthony and Marcia Baker. This scholarship has shown the exceptional work that us women can do in our community, for me that was passing a piece of legislation into actual Florida law, in the middle of a pandemic, I drafted, presented, and passed legislation that targeted the increasing suicide rates among high school students. Additionally, even during a global pandemic, I served 252 hours of community service. While most lawmakers and politicians tend to be majority white men, I was pushed to break the stereotype by being a hispanic woman. To the scholarship committee, thank you for selecting me out of your tons of applications to be the one to receive and represent this award. For any girl in the room or watching, know that you can do anything you set your mind to. stay committed to your community, empower each other, be better than you were yesterday, and break stereotypes, thank you. attending American University is quite costly, and i found one of my biggest expenses was gonna be getting a new laptop. though with this scholarship i was able to buy a laptop that’ll push through these next 4 years"

Emily Moro Photo
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