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Awardee's Stories

Gabrielle Jackson, Partners For Youth Foundation

Meet Our Scholarship Recipient

Gabrielle Jackson

ABSF Recipient 2018 // Howard University 

Honestly receiving this scholarship gave me an extra boost of confidence to know that I did make the right choice in chasing after my dreams at Howard University. It was encouraging to know that someone else could see my potential and wanted to support my future.

The Future

Vector Art

“I plan on establishing a scholarship for students that may have gotten poor grades due to circumstances outside of school. Giving them a chance to make a positive change in their life despite circumstances beyond their control.”​

Gabrielle's Advice

Vector Art, Flower

"The only limits that exist are those we create for ourselves. We are capable of so much if we truly envision it and then strive towards it with passion and consistency. Nothing is off-limits, nothing is impossible. If you want to go to that ivy league school, do it. If you want to own that company, go for it. If you want that championship, grab it. The only person holding you back is you."