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Anthony Baker, Photo for Partners For Youth Foundation

Our Story

The Partners for Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization 501(C)(3) founded in memory of the late fashion, entertainment, and artistic legend, Anthony Baker. Founded in 1989, the PFY Foundation is devoted to the personal and cultural development of young men and women in our communities. With strategic partnerships, our mission is to develop our youth emotionally, socially, academically, and culturally, to ensure that their futures are bright.   

Anthony migrated to South Florida in 1979 from Canada with one burning and aggressive goal. He was driven by the desire to utilize all his talents, skills, and experience as one common goal that would help in developing young men and women into talented and cultural individuals, to enhance their lives with grace, charm, and etiquette.

In 1989 Anthony married Marcia Rigg, who became a major part of him realizing his dreams, by shifting their focus to the total development of the child. The objective was to provide the youth with training that would assist them in becoming self-confident, rounded, well-adjusted adults, aware of their society and their role in it.

Their initial training included modeling, etiquette, social awareness skills, speech, dance & singing. Out of these training operations, another interesting operation was born, the staging of the annual Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant. Anthony was adamant that the focus of this pageant should not be on beauty, but instead on talent.

In 1997 Anthony & Marcia formed a not-for-profit foundation, The Partners for Youth Foundation Inc., to be the conduit of another of his dreams, providing scholarships to deserving young ladies graduating from high school and entering an institution of higher education. The main source of funding would initially come from the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant. Unfortunately, Anthony never saw the first scholarship being awarded.

In 1998 Anthony passed away, and his wife Marcia, the PFY Board of Directors and Pageant committee members continued to set forth the dream and goals of her late husband. The scholarship was named The Anthony Baker Scholarship and the first check was handed out in 2000, the first recipient being Jessica Josephs.

Today the Partners for Youth Foundation, continues to pursue the passion and dream of Anthony Baker by Striving to develop our youth emotionally, socially, academically, and culturally. After Marcia Baker retired from the Board of directors in 2017, the Scholarship was renamed the Anthony & Marcia Baker Scholarship.

To learn more about the scholarship click here.

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