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  • Clinton DaCosta

2024 Anthony & Marcia Baker Scholarship Recipient-Iyannah Jones

Updated: Jun 26

We are happy to announce our first 2024 Anthony & Marcia Baker Scholarship recipient.

Iyannah Jones

Iyannah Jones is one of the two  Anthony & Marcia Baker scholarship recipients for 2024 and says "I believe in the power of education and it's abilities to decrease mental health issues and promote understanding and acceptance because knowledge is power. I advocate for integrating mental health into the academic curriculum"

Referring to the scholarship award she says "I am a first generation student coming from a single household family and will be attending an out of state HBCU. Being awarded this scholarship means the world to me because it’s one step closer to not having financial anxiety. I’ve been having doubts about how I will pay for the summer program and then a separate fee for the tuition but after finding out I was awarded this scholarship, I can sleep comfortably" 

Congratulations Iyannah!


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