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Partners for Youth Confab II.College Scholarships Awarded

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Youngsters are urged to never give up at Partners for Youth Confab II.

College Scholarships Awarded

Mayor Judy Paul

Several youngsters ranging in age from 12 to 21 were inspired and motivated at the Partner for Youth Foundation’s (PFY) second annual Youth Confab, which took place on Saturday, May 28 in the Multi-Purpose Room at Davie Pine Island Park, in Davie. The event was opened with remarks by Mayor Judy Paul of Davie, a former teacher who urged the youth to never give up on pursuing their goals no matter how challenging it may appear.

Judge Jackie Powell

Judge Jackie Powell addressed the room and offered a brief history of her path as a young and ambitious college student juggling the daily routine of work, family and an active social life while struggling to be a good mother to her children. Judge Powell, spoke of the encouragement she received from a former boss at a law firm, who encouraged her to study law and become a lawyer, something she never had in her plans. Her message of being open to new ideas and taking advantage of opportunities resonated with attendees. The judge also touched on topics such as managing finance, as this was a source of many disputes she sees in court.

Abebe Lewis

Entertainment Marketing influencer Abebe Lewis provided insights on how social media can be financially rewarding, although he warned the youngsters that most of what is seen on social media is not real. Lewis spoke about his father’s daily grind as a musician, not hitting it big until his mid-forties. Lewis’s father is co-founder of Inner Circle, known for their smash hits “Bad Boys”, “Sweat” and the success of their North Miami studio, Circle House.

Broward Sheriff's Officers Giving Their Presentation

A lively presentation from Broward Sheriff officers Sargent Simone Payne, Supervisor of School Resource Officer & Deputy Omar Osbourne as well as Sargent Calvin Urbaez of Davie Police engaged the audience of youngsters as they provided information on responses to prevent minor infractions from escalating to major offenses. The officers spoke about various programs in place to support the youth in schools and other social situations.

Clinton DaCosta & Emily Moro

PFY Board Director Clinton DaCosta made presentations of two scholarships which were presented to this year’s recipients Emily Moro and Kayla Leveille-Lindor. In accepting her scholarship check, Emily Moro said the scholarship check would go a long way in assisting her to pursue her studies in Political Science. It was an honor to be selected and she was impressed with the work that PFY is doing. Please read Emily and

Kayla's stories here.

Chairman Steven Higgins Conversing With Attendees

An informative and eye-opening Q&A session was hosted by PFY Chairman Steve Higgins, who interacted with the youngsters as they exchanged thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics such as social media, school security and managing peer pressure.

Dr. Jermaine Smith & Dr. Jasset Smith

Following a lunch break, PFY Board Director Dr. Jermaine Smith and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jasset Smith delivered a presentation on the “Effects of substances on our bodies”.

Board of Directors: Dr. Rose Marie Adamson-Lewis, Steven Higgins, Shernette Levy, Eddy Edwards, Dr. Jermaine Smith & Clinton DaCosta. Absent: Michael Rigg

In addition to the annual Confab, the Partners for Youth Foundation will be hosting the “Youth Huddle” and the “Youth Connect” in the Fall. The Organization will also host a special Children’s Activity Booth at the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival on November 13th, at Miramar Regional Park, and close out the years’ activities with A Christmas Special In December. You can find our upcoming events listed here.


The Partners for Youth Foundation is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization founded in memory of the late Anthony Baker. Through strategic partnership, the mission of Partners for Youth Foundation strives to develop our youth emotionally, socially, academically, and culturally to ensure that their futures are bright.


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